Drupal: Attaching Related Nodes Using Views Attach and Token

Attaching related content to your Drupal content can be done a number of ways. Here's one using the Views Attach and Token modules.

0) Tag your content using taxonomy terms.

1) Install Views Attach and Token.

2) Create regular view of the nodes you'd like to attach.

3) Under Node content settings:
arguments: click 'Use tokens from the node the view is attached to',
Enter [term-id]
node type: select the node type you want to attach the view to.

4) Under Arguments:
Select: Taxonomy: Term ID
default settings should be OK.

How it works:
The view will get its argument from the current node, which is its taxonomy term ID. The attached view will then attach only nodes for which its taxonomy term matches the one passed in the argument.


Questions? What method do you use for related views? Let us know in the comments below.