Firefox and Firebug: A Developer's Swiss Army Knife

Geared more for getting at the code (HTML, CSS, DOM, Javascript), Firebug is a no-nonsense tool that does just what it needs to without overkill features. Once installed, it is conveniently available on-demand through the Firefox menubar under Tools, where it can be pinned to the bottom of the browser window and resized at will, or opened in its own window. The hierarchical (indented) display of code, understated color coding of elements, and side-by-side code review panels make it very quick and easy to analyze the guts of any Web page.

If you are developing or theming for a content management system (CMS) -- such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Blogspot -- Firebug is an essential tool. These applications are comprised of many, many files, and navigating through this maze can be daunting without a tool like Firebug. The beauty of content management systems is that you need not be a programmer to brand ("theme") a Web site built with one, and typically can do so without ever touching the programming code. But, you must be able to identify the controlling CSS to bring your own vision to the screen. ...

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