Recording On-line Radio Streams using MPlayer on Ubuntu Linux

Want to record your favourite on-line radio show for later enjoyment? Here is a command that will work in Ubuntu Linux or any distribution with MPlayer installed. The following command line will do the trick.

echo 'mplayer -playlist -dumpstream -dumpfile test_stream -endpos 1:00:00' | at 14:00

In this example, mplayer will record one hour ('1:00:00') of the stream at (CBC Radio 1 Vancouver) into the file 'test_stream' starting at 14:00 (2:00 PM).

For more options, see the manual pages of 'mplayer' and 'at' by opening a terminal and running

man at


man mplayer

To listen to the show, open with mplayer through the menu at Applications->Sound & Video->MPlayer Movie Player and then use File->Open

Or, to listen from the command line, run

mplayer test_stream

where 'test_stream' is the name of your stream file.