Copying the Body Field to the a CCK Field in Drupal 6 using Views Bulk Operations

The default Drupal Body field can be awkward to work with because it handcuffs the designer by not being wrapped in a div, making it difficult to style. Putting your body text in a CCK field instead gives you the extra div handle needed to style the field. If you already have content in the default body field and want to move it to a CCK field, here is a way to do it for all of your nodes at the same time.

Drupal: Attaching Related Nodes Using Views Attach and Token

Attaching related content to your Drupal content can be done a number of ways. Here's one using the Views Attach and Token modules.

0) Tag your content using taxonomy terms.

1) Install Views Attach and Token.

2) Create regular view of the nodes you'd like to attach.

3) Under Node content settings:
arguments: click 'Use tokens from the node the view is attached to',
Enter [term-id]

20 Fantastic Latest jQuery Plugins

Here are some amazing jQuery plugins to spice up your Drupal web sites.


Windshield Shade Solar Funnel Cooker

"While experimenting with various designs of cookers over the past year to introduce in the indigenous communities where I live and work in southern Mexico, I hit upon an utterly simple way to make an instant portable solar oven. Taking a reflective accordion-folded car windshield shade, you can turn it into a version of the solar funnel, by simply sewing on little Velcro tabs along the long notched side. Here’s how:"

Read more at:

More plans here:

Ghosting a Linux Machine

"This is a short but potentially extremely handy guide to ghosting one Linux box to another (or simply making a full backup of a desktop/server). Credit goes to 'topdog' for this.

You might have a small office where you customise one desktop just how you like it and need to roll this out to N other PC's or simply want a backup of a server or desktop to another machine or even to an image file.

The main tool here is netcat which is extremely powerful and has a multitude of other great uses that won't be covered here."


Incorporating Twitter Into Your Drupal Website

"With so many people activity using Twitter on a daily basis, it has become fairly standard to incorporate Twitter into your website and vise-versa. It seems that many Internet users have come to expect a “follow me on Twitter” link displayed prominently on websites. Interacting with your prospective customers and website visitors through Twitter can be a great way to gain additional exposure for your brand as well as drive targeted traffic back to your website.

Upgrading VirtualBox on Windows Host and Ubuntu Guest - Avoiding USB Failure

Here's a note that may save you some time when upgrading VirtualBox on a Windows Host (Vista in this case). Before running the setup file for the new version, be sure to turn off UAC so that VirtualBox installs with Administrator privileges. Failing to do that will cause you USB connection to fail. When you're finished the installation be sure to turn UAC back on.

Nautilus Scripting for Web Developers

This article shows you how to use Nautilus scripting to speed up common web developer actions. As an example, I will show how to use right-clicks in Nautilus to rotate and shrink images, two common actions that could be time consuming to do in bulk without special tools but are fast with simple Nautilus scripts. In developing these scripts I used Ubuntu Gnu/Linux version 9.04, but most Unix-like operating systems running Nautilus 1.5 or greater will work as well.

Video of Vancouver in 1958

From British Pathe, here is video of Vancouver in 1958.

SVN Security

"Security is always the opposite of access and convenience. A good illustration of this principle is that developers like to use SVN on their server for check outs directly into the web root, and for commits directly to their repository.

That convenience comes at a price: you have probably noticed the hidden .svn folders in your checked out projects. Each one provides full read-write access to your code repository, and you only need one folder to have access to the whole repository. There are various hacks to download them from your website...."

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