Daddy, I found it!, 15 Awesome Linux Find Command Examples (Part2)

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A while back we reviewed 15 practical find command examples (Part I). Find command can do lot more than just searching for files based on name.

In this article (Part 2), let us discuss 15 advanced examples of find command including — finding files based on the time it is accessed, modified or changed, finding files comparatively, performing operation on found files etc.

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Achieving Robust Clustered Storage with Linux and GFS


Load balancing is difficult. We often we need to share file systems via NFS or other mechanisms to provide a central location for the data. While you may be protected against a Web server node failure, you are still sharing fate with the central storage node.

Using GFS, the free clustered file system in Linux, you can create a truly robust cluster that does not depend on other servers. In this article, we'll show you how to properly configure GFS.

Firefox and Firebug: A Developer's Swiss Army Knife

Geared more for getting at the code (HTML, CSS, DOM, Javascript), Firebug is a no-nonsense tool that does just what it needs to without overkill features. Once installed, it is conveniently available on-demand through the Firefox menubar under Tools, where it can be pinned to the bottom of the browser window and resized at will, or opened in its own window. The hierarchical (indented) display of code, understated color coding of elements, and side-by-side code review panels make it very quick and easy to analyze the guts of any Web page.

Thickbox 3.1

Thickbox overlays images on browser and includes navigation to next and previous images.

How to inexpensively eliminate airplane noise when listening to programming on an airline flight

A recent product review at on The Globe and Mail website touted a noise-cancelling headphone by Phitek (an offering not unique to Phitek). A suggested use of the headphone was to cancel noise while listening to programming on an airline flight. There is, however, an inexpensive way to eliminate noise that doesn't involve buying expensive headphones.

Here is how to solve the airplane noise problem for about $0.25. I've travelled millions of long-haul miles as a service engineer and this is what worked for me.

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